Mittwoch, 1. November 2017

New Homepage :)

Welcome to our new homepage

We are pleased to announce that our new website is now live!

Whats new?
Homepage easier to use across desktop, mobile devices and tablets;
New Picture Gallery;
Keep up to date with all our offers;
New Blog and news Page where you can read our latest news and posts of all kind of stuff;
Download Files directly frome our Homepage;
...and more...

We will continue to improve and develop this place. Lot more stuff is coming!

Please note that this homepage(except the Blog page) was written in German so if you want, you can use Google Chrome to translate it in your language. To do this, folow this steps:

  1. open the website in Google Chrome
  2. right click anywhere on the screen
  3. click the ‘Translate to…’ button...DONE 

We hope you enjoy the new look and please feel free to leave a message



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